Robert Rapier opening up about his new company

I found Robert Rapier’s blog from reading The Oil Drum site.  His analysis of biofuels impressed me.  Recently he relocated to Hawaii and is beginning to discuss the details of his new company.  Probably worth watching.  A quick first look is here:

Rapier told us in an exclusive interview last week that he has taken a position as the chief technology officer of Merica International, a company that is building out a vertically integrated approach to sustainable and localized biofuels. Merica, headquartered on the Big Island of Hawaii, will act as a holding company for a variety of companies, Rapier told us, including Forest Solutions, a forest management group, SunFuels Hawaii, a synthetic biodiesel provider, a yet-to-be-named company that will develop a biomass trading platform, and a company that will concentrate on acquiring and developing biomass conversion technologies. In addition, Merica owns parts of several other clean energy companies that will contribute to the company’s vision, like Choren Industries, a German company that makes waste to fuel gasification technology.


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